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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Our Comments on Kam'mwamba Coal power project

On 26 Oct 2019 Nyasa Times reported that Malawi has abandoned the Chinese financier for the Kam'mwamnba Coal Fire Plant project. Instead, Egenco would take over the project,  presumably including the mobilisation of funds READ HERE

A few days later we were that the First Lady had been involved with a shady deal through which  “Ghost” consultancy firm - Black & Veach -  was awarded  K7.8 billion contract to provide engineering supervision for the project. READ HERE

A day letter the Minister announced the contract was cancelled or was actually never signed. READ HERE

And finally, the ACP (anti-corruption)  has been brought in. READ HERE

Now, this is a vital project, and we have been informed by the government itself that it is one of the pillars of its plans to address the energy project.  The project has been on for more than six years and should have been completed by now. The Chinese have complained about the delays from the Malawi side.
This mismanagement of large projects is, alas, not unusual. The Salima-Lilongwe project has suffered the same treatment.

We  commented on other p[rojects on the site  about the mismanagement of big projects in Malawi. READ HERE

Electricity and water are utilities that one can't’ afford to miss by a year.

Kam'mwamba and Salima-Lilongwe project are import projects and the government should come out with a full explanation of what is going on if it to encourage investments in Malawi. 

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